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Addy Awards 2018

Iron Mountain Films Wins one more Gold Addy Award

We won both Gold and Silver Awards for TV spots for Sage Veterinary at the Sacramento Addy Awards.
We took the Gold for the entire Television Campaign and Silver for the Oncology spot in the single TV commercial category. Thanks to Shad Selby for his creative genius and Sage Centers for being such great clients. And thanks to perfect beach weather and of course the dogs for being so pretty to look at! Quality video production is really important these days to stand out from the crowd. Here’s our post on the production of the TV spots: Sage Centers TV Spots These were a blast to edit. We did the graphics in AE and color correction in Resolve. ‎

Sage Veterinary TV Spots

woman and her dog

Iron Mountain shoots TV campaign for Sage Veterinary

From one of our actors on this shoot:
“I really enjoyed this group of people. Really fun. They didn’t behave like normal people. But I didn’t mind. They fed us well. They did keep telling me to sit in one place which got old after awhile. But then I did get to run around a lot too. I would definitely play with them again. They smelled nice.”Argus

Risk Management Services

Ryanm Still

Iron Mountain’s crew interviewed top developers at RMS

in Newark for a video that will open their Exceedance 2017 meeting in New Orleans. The exciting launch of their RMS (one) platform was the subject. The video will provide insights into the key distinctions of the RMS(one) platform and help their clients understand how an integrated platform delivers a consistent risk management framework, operational efficiencies, and underwriting agility.

Strange Inheritance

Iron Mountain Films shoots for Strange Inheritance, Fox TV show.

The Colt Buntline Special is a long-barrelled revolver. According to legend, this huge revolver was ordered by pulp fiction writer, Ned Buntline specifically for lawmen Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.