Video Production

Putting together your film, TV spot, documentary or video is all about telling your story! We’ve helped create several feature films, hundreds of television spots and videos and we know the intricacies and challenges very well. We’re experts in gathering the elements together to make it all work on the day of the shoot. Capturing the moment, creating the energy for each shot, requires artistry, military precision and the attitude of a Buddha. If you don’t get it in the can, you can’t put it on the screen. The skill we’ve gained over the years makes all of the new technology that much more powerful. But the real trick is still crafting a compelling message in an interesting way. And it’s all of the elements: Talent, location, wardrobe, props, lighting, framing and storytelling that are more important than the technology. Not to say that we don’t love the advantages new tech has brought us. We are now currently getting as much information from our digital cinema cameras as we did from 35mm film negative back in the day. And putting together your film in post-production is more flexible than ever.

Post Production

The tools of editing video, audio and graphics has changed dramatically in the last 15 years or so. Our edit bay is like a digital foundry. Artists using powerful tools combine, blend and pace. Cutting away anything that doesn’t serve the message. Forging a film that will inspire and compel and entertain. Our motion graphics designers are masters at conveying the message in a simple but dynamic way. Original music is composed that supports each “beat” of the story being told in a way that isn’t distracting or manipulative. Final Editing sets the overall pace of the message, combining seamlessly the interviews, cover scenes, graphics and music.

Video For Web

People are consuming video at ever greater rates and are more likely to watch a video than read a lot of text. Most marketing experts agree that video is an essential part of a good website. 90% of the information your brain sucks in is visual and is processed 50,000 times faster than text! Iron Mountain Films has been creating video for the web since its inception. We help write your script that will clearly state your message and value proposition. We’ll step you through the process so you know exactly what you’re getting and we can also help you with getting your video seen by the right audience!

Explainer Videos

We’ve created several award-winning explainer videos for Snell Helmets and RMS. Illustrator/Artist Lynn Pollard designs and illustrates each “scene” before we shoot. Using a 6K camera we shoot her redrawing the illustration. This technique is far more powerful than some of the fake illustration examples we’ve seen where a photo of a hand is animated as it appears to draw the picture. We shoot in timelapse mode, taking a frame every 2 seconds. The resulting footage is artfully animated in post-production to “follow” the artist’s hand as she draws. Iron Mountain has also produced a number of explainer presentations covering subjects as varied as safety for CalTrans to the Environmental Impact Report process for community members. These videos used live action and graphics to get the message across.

Motion Graphics

Text that moves. Motion graphics can be a great way to present ideas that are difficult or impossible to illustrate any other way. Techniques such as time-lapse illustration, After Effects, 3D animation, animated type, even creating 3D animation from a still photo. We can do video for web, banner ads, logos using any of these techniques. Although our workhorse programs are After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop, we’ve used 3D animation software such as Maya and Cinema 4D extensively.